Rescue your love from the claws of Count Drascula


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Drascula is Alcachofa Soft's debut game. Alcachofa Soft is the Spanish studio behind The Abbey, the recent, popular remake of the videogame The Abbey of Crime.

In this classic graphic adventure game, players will embody real estate agent Johnny Hacker, who finds himself in the middle of an incredible adventure when he discovers that his precious and innocent beloved, Billie Jean, has been kidnapped by the evil Count Drascula.

The gameplay, like in all graphic adventure games, is very simple. All the action is done with the mouse. You have to pick up objects, combine them, use them, speak with numerous characters and solve all the puzzles you find along the way.

Drascula is a very fun game that, despite being a few years old, hasn't lost an ounce of its fun and freshness. A must for 90s graphic adventure fans.
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You need to use SCummVm to play.

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